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2 Great Fencing Options for Closed Campuses

Iron Fence
The unfortunate uprising in school shootings has brought forth one more reason why many school districts have chosen to turn schools into closed campuses. On a closed campus, outside visitors must be approved to be on the property.

Along with protecting the campus from someone coming in to do harm, students are required to stay on campus for the entire school day, with no off-campus lunch runs or other unapproved outings.

To enforce such rules, a campus must have secure fencing and gates connected to a secured entry system, which requires visitors to be granted access from office staff. Fencing for closed school campuses also needs to be tall enough to provide a true barrier of protection to keep people out and students in. Read about two great fencing options for closed school campuses that can meet these demands.

1. Chain Link Fencing

Below are some of the positive aspects to choosing chain link fencing for some campuses.


School districts working with tighter budgets will find chain link fencing to be a more affordable option that still allows them to offer students added security.

Weather Resistant

The material and open design of chain link makes it a good option for hot, wet, and windy regions. However, a sealant should be applied periodically to prevent rusting.

Damage Resistant

Most other types of fencing, including wrought iron, can be susceptible to certain types of damage, such as if a softball were to slam against the fence. Chain link fencing can put up with a lot of schoolyard wear and tear without showing damage.

However, chain link fencing can be cut through with cutting tools, while a wrought iron fence would stand up better against such forced entry/exit methods.

Uniform Landscape Design

Chain link fences are often used as softball and kickball backstops. Therefore, using chain link as the fencing around the school helps to give it a uniform design where all the fencing matches.

2. Wrought Iron Fencing

Below are the benefits to wrought iron fencing for some school campuses.

Secured Entry System

Wrought iron fencing offers an added security barrier, as this type of fencing offers gates capable of connecting to a secured entry system. A buzzer, a telephone, or a video camera can be integrated into the system that allows office staff to verify if a visitor is safe to come on campus.

Nice-Looking Design

The design of wrought iron is aesthetically pleasing, which may be preferred for schools located in middle- or upper-class neighborhoods. This fencing can be painted any color, allowing for it to blend in with the school's colors. However, black wrought iron can be very hot to the touch on hot days, which can be an issue with younger students.

Difficult to climb

One area where wrought iron fencing clearly outshines chain link is wrought iron’s hard-to-climb design, which helps to keep students and strangers from jumping the fence. This feature also helps cut down on fall related injuries that can happen when students are attempting to climb the fence.

Strong and Weather-Resistant Design

The strength and thickness of wrought iron makes it hard to cut through, bend, or otherwise break to gain unauthorized access to the school campus. Wrought iron fencing can withstand harsh weather conditions if properly maintained with protective sealants.

Custom Options are Available

Custom elements can be added to the design of wrought iron fencing. A school may like the idea of having their mascot welded to a side of the fence. The school may also want decorative caps included depicting the their mascot.

If you're ready to take that next step with regards to school security, you should contact Hartsell Brothers Fence Company. Our dedicated staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you with your school's fencing needs.